Social worker & Psychotherapist


Psychotherapy is an individual conversational contact and a collaboration where you and I try to understand you based on your unique emotional experiences, life history and current life situation.

Psychotherapy rests on the idea that if we can gain greater self-awareness, we can also feel more secure in ourselves and find a greater emotional balance in life and in our relationships with others.

The reasons to see a psychotherapist can vary. It may be that you may need to sort through all the impressions, feelings and thoughts that make your life feel particularly stressful and exhausting. It can be about difficulties setting boundaries, saying "no", relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression or trauma, events that have been overwhelming and that do not give you a peace of mind.

Many of the psychological difficulties we experience that prevent us from living a life that we feel comfortable with stem from life patterns that we carry with us from early in life. These life patterns are being repeated in several of the current contexts and relationships we find ourselves in, often without us understanding how or why it happens. Through a reliable and trusting relationship, the opportunity is created to approach and investigate difficult, often hidden, feelings and thoughts and get help to put them in a context that makes them more understandable and less dangerous. In this way, it may also be possible to change or break with some of the inhibitory patterns that we have developed.

Psychotherapy can differ in length and scope. This is something we agree on together.

About me

I am a social worker and a licensed psychotherapist, specialized in psychotherapy for Adults. I have worked relationally for the past ten years working with children, young people, adults and parents, most recently in child and adolescent psychiatry. New to the city or an international student in Malmö? I have experience from being an international/exchange student and have been working abroad. I know what it can mean to be new in a foreign context.

My education rests on a psychodynamic basis with a good understanding of treatment with families where attachment style, ability to reflect on and to regulate emotions are central pieces in the process. I have experience from working with short-term psychotherapy as well as more traditional longer psychotherapies. I welcome adults for an individual treatment. I have a licence to practice approved by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and is thus subject to the Health and Medical Services Act.


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We meet for a first appointment where you describe your situation in your own words. Together, we explore the issues being presented to reach a consensus on your need for help. Then we jointly find a plan for the treatment that suits you.

The clinic is located at Rörsjögatan 26 in Malmö, between Stora Nygatan and the canal.



You are welcome to contact me via form / email or by sending me a text message. Do not give social security numbers or other sensitive information. Leave your contact details and I will reply as soon as I can!